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Undisclosed Miami

The Wagyu Experience by Meat N’ Bone


Experience Wagyu the way it is meant to be, try Domestic, Japanese and Australian Wagyu in different formats and understand why it is considered the best beef in the world. Plenty of beef will be eaten this night... so come ready for a Wagyu feast!

Event starts at 8PM

We will kick off the evening at 7:45pm with a cocktail in the art Gallery where the "Beef Grading" poster will be standing. Here you will be given an interactive introduction to the world of Wagyu.

You then will be introduced to Japanese A5 Wagyu... Torched and in Carpaccio.


  • A5 Miyazaki-Gyu Nigiri (Torched)
  • A5 Olive Wagyu Carpaccio
  • A5 Miyazaki-Gyu Tartare
  • NY Wagyu-Angus
  • NY Wagyu BMS7+
  • NY A5 Japanese Wagyu

Sides:  Japanese Rice,  Grilled Veggies & Asian House Salad

Dessert: Tres Leches Nigiri and Digestif

Drinks Included:
Not everyone drinks, so we do not factor the cost of alcohol into our events. However we do include a welcome drink, a glass of Red Wine and a bit of sake... all to pair with the steaks. Upgrades are available as well as additional wines.



Your one-seat ticket pays for:

- A welcome drink at the Art Gallery while our host explains the art.

- Chef's Tasting Menu (5-8 plates)

- A glasses of wine and sake shot as well as a dessert drink. Additional wine available for sale



Meat N' Bone is one of the finest butchers in America; they focus on procuring only the best of the best proteins. They offer more than 350 premium quality cuts of meat, including Angus Beef, Wagyu Beef, Poultry, Pork, Game, Fish & Seafood, and the finest selection of cheese and charcuterie.



We will refund 100% of tickets until a week before the event. If you cancel in the last 72 hours, we will only refund 50%. If you cancel 24 hours before the event, we will not provide a refund.

Our events take a lot of planning and have minimal space. So we do encourage booking in advance. We are as flexible as we can regarding refunds/cancellations. 

Do you want to give this experience as a gift? You can place your order for the number of tickets and then reply to the order confirmation providing the names of the attendees!