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MNB Butcher's Table - 2022

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You walk through the door, Sinatra is singing, and even without a full moon, the night just became special. It is not a regular dinner; this is your local butcher selecting a unique cut for you and making an out-of-the-world evening experience.

Food brings people together; Meat N' Bone is a butcher shop born out of the love of sharing good food with good friends around the table. Once a month, our butchers and cooks gather together to create a "Rock you Meat-World" menu for you to become part of our table... our Butcher's Table.

This is meant to be a classic-steakhouse experience with a rustic yet beautiful presented menu paired with great wine, music, interactive dining, and, of course, Max Guevera's art.

MNB Butcher's Table's menu combines some of the best Meat N' Bone products with awesome cooking techniques (roasting, caveman grilling, papillote, among others).

It all revolves around a MONSTER PRIME RIB TOMAHAWK. This is a rare find, a massive, 25+ Lb Prime Rib, seven long tomahawk bones piece of meat that will be highly impressive. (To learn more about this cut, CLICK HERE)



Max Guevara, a one-of-a-kind creative mind, was born in Caracas, Venezuela. In 2014, this talented artist finished his studies as a visual communicator to further his career as a graphic designer, creator, and illustrator.

What mainly characterizes Guevara's work is the technique he uses in the illustrations, described as "Organic Native". In these cases, he's applied emerging techniques based on aboriginal art combined with marine and fossil organic figures. He's intervened in many different objects and spaces. He was recently featured in Le Art Noir in Miami Art Basel.



DRESSCODE: Business Casual

WELCOME DRINK:  8:00 pm - 8:30 pm

DINNER EXPERIENCE:  8:30 pm - 11:30 pm

POUSSE-CAFÉ: 11:30 pm - 12:00 am

GAME OVER: 12:31 am  






Your one-seat ticket pays for:

- A welcome drink at the Art Gallery while our host explains the art.

- A 5-course menu (this isn't a tasting menu, you will be full). This is the menu for 05/26. 

I.  Spanish Branzino Papillote.

II. Caveman Style Heritage Pork Spare Rib

III. Grilled Wedge Salad

IV. Wood-Roasted USDA Prime Monster Prime Rib Tomahawk from Meat N' Bone

V. Grilled Apricots with Mascarpone Cheese.

A bottle of our favorite wine is included (Grayson Cabernet, you can upgrade to more premium wines), and additional wine is available for purchase.  All the soft drinks are included, and additional wine bottles can be bought the night of the event. 



Meat N' Bone is one of the finest butchers in America; they focus on procuring only the best of the best proteins. They offer more than 350 premium quality cuts of meat, including Angus Beef, Wagyu Beef, Poultry, Pork, Game, Fish & Seafood, and the finest selection of cheese and charcuterie.



We will refund 100% of tickets until a week before the event. If you cancel in the last 72 hours, we will only refund 50%. If you cancel 24 hours before the event, we will not provide a refund.

Our events take a lot of planning and have minimal space. So we do encourage booking in advance. We are as flexible as we can regarding refunds/cancellations. 

Do you want to give this experience as a gift? You can place your order for the number of tickets and then reply to the order confirmation providing the names of the attendees!